Friday, February 20, 2009

Why I love America...Part 3

America sells you stuff you don't need.

So I found my poison. It is this candy that had the texture of a circus peanut but the with the flavor of banana. I have to admit, I was up to almost a bag a day habit. So I was trying to wean myself off of these treats...I lasted a day. I was back in the only store I was able to find them and I was walking around like a junkie looking for them. The store was closing so I finally asked the stock girl if they had any of the candy and she explained to me that she had no idea what I was talking about but any candy that was in the section I was in was only SEASONAL?!?! What at least in America we repackage the same stuff so in different seasons you think you are getting something different but you are getting the same stuff with different packaging. We are in a recession. If I have a 1.35 Euro to spend, you need to find away to get that candy. I asked the stock girl if she knows of a store that would sell that candy, even out of season. She looked at me liked she had no idea what I was talking about and walked away (you gotta love the Dutch hospitality). I mean stores sell strawberries out of season and roses out of season, is it unreasonable to ask if you sell candy out of season? Whatever. It is just another example of the lack of customer service! I mean she did not even offer up a replacement candy I could eat that would be close to the taste and texture of the one I have to give up!


  1. I love America too! Land of the free (toilets), and home of the brave (that'd be you and me)! Holla!

  2. WOW, and to think that back in the college days in Florida, I thought not being given ketchup, napkins or utensils in the MCD's drive-through, unless I asked for it was bad customer service. Maybe I'm just a spoiled New Yorker.

    You are so missed Kym.