Friday, February 20, 2009

Why I love America..Part 2.

Why do I love America? In 2 words... CUSTOMER. SERVICE.
After living out here, I don't CARE if people are answer the US customer service phones in Texas or the India. At least we have customer service. First off, a lot of people out here act like they are doing you a favor selling you some stuff DURING A RECESSION. Naw, kid, you not. I could be SAVING this money. Today as I was buying RICH AND MY TICKETS TO PRAGUE!!!!!!!!! (Yeah!) The train service people (at, logo attached) were so bootleg I really wanted to go back to the US. Another thing, when you buy train tickets from an attendant, they charge you a $5 fee, but since their computer system is down ALL THE TIME, there are always long lines for tickets. And get this, even when their system is down THEY STILL CHARGE YOU THE FEE! Also is you find advertised rates on their website, they do not always honor them. I was thinking, if people advertised a rate and then did not sell the item for that price in the States, people would go berserk! To top it off this chick told me this stuff happens all the time and I’m like, they why don’t you guys fix the system OR waive the fee if it is your error? Why do I have to pay for it? And she was like “look, we gotta get paid too.”. I was like dag, with this type of customer service and highway robbery, they should rename themselves MTA and merge with the New York transit authority.

AND ANOTHER THING! You have to PAY to call customer service! All companies have 900 customer service numbers so in order to get to customer service you are charged like $1 dollar a minute!?!?!? What are people thinking!


  1. Lol.....I guess folks are just bootleg all over the globe. Cant escape it.

  2. So, wait...she said "we gotta get paid too"? So, in other words, that $5 fee is their sole pay? Kinda like some restaurants don't pay servers descent hourly rates because they anticipate that they'll make a killing in tips? Hmm...that's odd. And, yeah...if you're a reputable business advertising prices for goods or services with no intention of honoring them then that's deception. And, to be honest, it totally defeats the purpose of language itself. Yeah, I'm not sure if I'm coming to the Hague love =(